Corne Smit

Name: Corne Smit
Role/Position: Partner
Office: Toowoomba & Roma

My Background

Originally from South Africa, my wife and I have been living in Toowoomba since 2014. Prior to joining CT Tax & Advisory, I was employed as a compliance manager with CondonTreasure Advisory Group. I’ve been in public practice for 12 years, but also have 6 years commercial experience. While working in Public Practice I also obtained my Chartered Accountancy qualification and recently completed my Australian Chartered Accountant qualification as well. As I’ve worked closely with various business owners over the years, both in commerce and public practice, I feel I can relate and understand the pressures of managing various aspects of business and the pressures business owners face.  I am skilled in various aspects of finance, including taxation, financial accounting, management accounting and auditing.